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Jump into Yosemite

April 30, 2015

Well, I mean the last OS X version for the Mac…

There are some little things you have to know:

  • There is no more left pane on the iTunes 12. Well, I use it only to synchronize my iPhone and synchronize my music. I do not like iTunes. My problem.
  • If you have an already installed version of MacTex (Tex, LaTex, etc.): remove the latex distribution in /usr/local. Or be prepared to wait a long long time the last 2 minutes of the upgrade (about 2 ou 3 hours). Then you have better to install a fresh version when done.
  • If you activated the Apache VHOST on your previous version of OS X, you could have to activate it again by editing http.conf (in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf). Not a big deal. See for more details.
  • As a surprise, the /etc/hosts file is not changed (well, this is not a surprise after all) but the virtual hosts for Apache have disappeared of the Apache configuration.
  • If you use MacVim, be prepared: you have to patch it (I’ve done once but I don’t remember the trick. Hoping I will retrieve it).
  • PHP 5 is already installed (without MacPort).
  • As usual, you have to clean you ports installed through MacPorts (sudo port -fp uninstall installed). See page for more information.
  • In Terminal, guys from Apple are crazy: they activated the VT100 numpad by default Well, look at this Apple Support page ( to see how to disable (very easy).
  • VMWARE 5 is not compatible with Yosemite. You have to upgrade. I tried but failed (I have a valid licence but the website doesn’t like me). I would like to keep by virtual machine I use sometimes.
  • Photos is the new application to replace iPhoto: each time a version is different, I am not very happy to learn again. I don’t use except to store my new photos. The Database directory is still a nightmare of files (not a big pleasure to back up).
  • iMovie 9 has been saved and I have 2 versions of iMovie. Quite good.
  • XCode 6 only supports iOS7 and iOS8. Well, not sure many programmers want to code with the old versions of iOS. Nevertheless, I didn’t upgraded my iPhone4 and it is still compatible with iTunes…
  • You will lose your background desktop image and I haven’t found many choices with dark images in the new version. But you can install your own image.
  • Microsoft Office works well but I don’t use really.

Well, it is just a quick look into the garbage of a new install. I must say: quite easy and not too disappointing (I don’t like changes in my programs).


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