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LaTeX: here we are

July 29, 2013

For english readers this time… My last (and recent post) was a collection of links for LaTeX. This one is a practical example.

Go to my DropBox account and download the project (a ZIP file of 3 files) at this address: The ZIP contains the main LaTeX file, 2 images I use and the final output.

It is a quite nice stuff you could achieve with Microsoft Word. But I want to show you, you can have quite good enhancements for your texts in LaTeX. The most tricky part is the title page. Of course… Because it is typically small parts of text displayed anywhere on the page:

  • The logo (top, right)
  • The background (a gradient wallpaper extended to the whole height, including margins)
  • A title with lines before and after.
  • 2 arrays of data (it seems to me using arrays was smarter than basic text).

I admit that the textpos package is very good for setting text (or even graphics) on the page at a specific place. You should try.

Another point I was not aware: pdflatex is not so good for font manipulation and using several different fonts in the same document can became hell quickly. I suggest the (new) luapdflatex if you plan to use multiple fonts in your document (I mean more than the 3 usual families: Arial, Times New Roman and Courier).

Enjoy. Questions et remarks welcome.


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